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Lake Elton – Lake Baskunchak

  • Salt and all you wanted to know about it
  • The best sunsets and dawns in Russia
  • Unique landscapes Lake Elton – Lake Baskunchak
  • Nature reserve
  • The hero-city of Volgograd
  • Bogdo Mountain
  • The best housing conditions
  • Authorial program


Day 1:
Arrival in the hero-city of Volgograd. Check-in at the hotel. The visit to the Museum of Stalingradskaya Battle and an evening tour to the Mamaev Kurgan burial mound.

Day 2:
Departure to Lake Baskunchak – check-in at the health center. Kazakh dinner.
Lake Baskunchak — Bogdo mountain. Baskunchak is a salt lake with an area of about 106 km2 located near Ahtubinsk district, Astrakhan oblast, on the territory of Bogdinsko-Baskunchakskaya natural reserve. It’s an extremely beautiful salt lake, where the sky is reflected in the water, merges with it, and sometimes in hot weather the mirages happen. Baskunchak is a kind of a peculiar deepening: at the top of salt mountain, penetrating with the bottom to thousands meters into the Earth ground and covered with a rock mass of sedimentaries. The feeding of the lake is made mainly with the outflows. Numerous well springs run into the lake at its North-Western shore, bringing into the lake more than 2.5 thousand tons of salts within 24 hours.
Today the extremely pure salt of the lake (99.8% NaCl) makes up to 80% of the total output of salt in Russia. On the demand, from 1.5 to 5 million tons of salt per year are mined here. Baskunchakskaya railroad was built for transportation of salt. There are deposits of medicinal clays on the coast of the lake. The curing air with a high content of bromine and phytoncides, sulfide silt mud, similar in action and composition to the Dead Sea mud, and sodium chloride brine, containing a complex of macro — and micronutrients, both promote fast recovery.
We will see an amazingly beautiful sunrises, boundless salt deposits, the remains of old salt mines, rich flora and fauna, the Martian landscapes and the horizonless steppes with eagles and hawks soaring above them and hunting for ground squirrels, which consider the local places to be their home. We’ll also admire the endless carpet of steppe tulips.
On you wish and on the weather conditions, in the evening you’ll have the master class in night shooting of the starry heavens.

Day 3:
We will spend the whole day on the territory of Bogdinsko-Baskunchakskiy natural reserve, and also visit the mountain Bogdo.
The Mountain Bogdo is the highest point of the Caspian Lowland (149,6 m above the sea level, 171 m above the level of Lake Baskunchak). It has the mature surface and the underground structure with forms of the karst topography—cloughs, holes, caves, grottoes, etc. Now there are more than 30 caves there, the largest of them is 1.5 km long. The amazing Martian landscapes and a view on Lake Baskunchak from the top of the mountain will stay in your memory for a lifetime.
The program of visit to the natural reserve is an exclusive one, because entrance to its territory is strictly prohibited, as it is located in frontier zone and there is a large diversity of fauna and flora under protection here. Together with the reserve administration, we will visit the unique outflow feeding the lake – the Gorkaya River ( the Bitter River), where the waters are colored with different shades: from bright orange to violet because of a large amount of iron oxides in the water composition . We will also see the traces of erosion in the form of huge beams of soil structure, cracked with the heat. We’ll watch the saigas, examine the birds of prey nests. We’ll have a bath in the salt lake and feel the effect of «a float» like in the Dead Sea.

Day 4:

Meeting of the dawn on Lake Baskunchak, a foot walk along the railroad tracks which run along the lake. Transfer by train to Lake Elton . It is the largest lake in Volgograd region and the largest mineral lake in area in Europe. The lake plays an important part as a stopover resting place during autumn flight of migratory birds, especially woodcocks and cranes. The lake is filled with rich salt solution (brine), which desalts in spring. The mineralization is 200-500 g/l, that is 1.5 times higher than the concentration in the Dead Sea. The water contains seawood Dunaliella salina, which gives the lake the reddish color shade. There are deposits of salts (mainly NaCl, KCl) at the bottom of the lake and a layer of mineral hydrosulphuric dirt under them.
The sunset in Elton is a brand of the lake! The sky merges with the mirror-like water surface and creates a single multicolored canvas, where to you want to immense entirely.

Day 5:
We’ll spend the whole of the day on the lake, examining its artifacts and attractions, visit a mineral spring and sulphurous lakes, watch the fauna of the region and, of course, experience all the healing properties of therapeutic mud, which exceeds in its characteristics the composition of the Dead Sea. In the evening we will see the sunset off, traditionally.

Day 6:
Check-out from the hotel. The end of the tour.

Dates of the tour: April, 17th – April,22nd 2018
Duration: 6 days
Groups: up to 12 people
Price: 500 USD

The price of the tour includes:
1.Stay in the comfortable double rooms in the health centers with food (Lake Elton – Lake Baskunchak) and in the hotel3* (the city of Volgograd);
Food: day 1- dinner;days 2,3,4,5 — breakfast, lunch, dinner; day 6 — breakfast.
2.Transfer for the entire tour route; excursions in the city of Volgograd;
3.Medical insurance;
4.Photo-guide services, entrance tickets to the museums and natural reserves.

The price of the tour doesn’t include:
1.Flight ( transportation) to Volgograd and back from Elton;
2.Personal expenses (alcohol and soft drinks, phone calls and etc.);
3.Other services not foreseen in the tour program;

Must-have items: a flimsy jacket with hood, track ankle boots, a cap, jersey sport trousers, hygiene items, thermos for 1 liter, a torch, caring lipstick, sunscreen agent, gumboots or comfortable closed shoes to walk in the lake-water (Lake Elton – Lake Baskunchak)

Conditions of participation and reservation:

To take part you must:

  • confirm you participation in any suitable form;
  • sign the Agreement with LLC Tourist Agency “The Time for Discoveries”;
  • make advanced payment in sum 30% of reservation price within 7 days from the time of signing of the Agreement*;
  • pay the sum left not later than 21 days before the first day of the tour*

* The participant has the right to pay the total sum at once after signing of the Agreement. *

  • Lake Elton – Lake Baskunchak

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Dates of the tour:
April, 17th – April, 22nd 2018
6 days
up to 12 people
500 USD
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