Photo tour to Lake Baikal:

The city of Irkutsk – Lake Baikal (Olkhon island) – The city of Irkutsk


Day 1 (February 24th)
Meeting at the airport at 10-oo and transfer by bus to the place of the main residence on island Olkhon (Lake Baikal). On the way, a half of an hourstay in the cafe. A part of the way will go on the ice of Baikal along the ice passage open in the season. Approximate arrival time to the village of Khuzhir is 15-00. Check-in at the hotel, a short rest. In the evening- shooting of the cape Burkhan ( Shamanka Rock) at sunset.

Day 2 (February 25th)
Dawn meeting near the Shamanka Rock. In the morning hours — walks through the village and surroundings. Khushir is the biggest village on the island with wide streets and rather interesting local style of life. The settlement is timeless, only small guest houses remind that it is the 21st century. On you wish – buying of smoked omul, both hot-smoked or cold-smoked. After launch, on the weather conditions, — a trip by UAZ –type cars to the places suitable for the most beautiful evening shooting on Kharantzi island, taking photos of grottoes with numerous ice warts and caves of different sizes, in which you can stand out, climbing to the tops of the hills to admire the great open spaces. The return journey is along the walking path of the route with 5 km in length on ice surface.

Day 3 ( February 26th)/
The village of Khuzhir – the cape Sagan- Khushun (Three Brothers) – the cape Khoboi – Belenky ( White ) island – Krokodiltchik ( The Crocodile Joey) island – the village of Khuzhir (Lake Baikal).
In the early morning we go to see the dawn in the southernmost tip of the island Oghoi, then have breakfast. After that we go on ice by car to the northern part of Olkhon island, the cape Khoboi. The ice grottoes, transparent ice, toroses and great mood – the guaranteed pledge of recollections for the whole of life.
The cape Khoboi has obtained it’s name for the most outstanding part of the cape – a flat stone platform in shape of animal canine ( “khoboi” means “canine” in Buryat language). The time, the Baikal winds, the severe frosts and the scalding sun have left indelible marks on the “canine” of Khoboi – it is perforated with through holes in some places. There is also a big through hole on the ruff of the rock, connecting the island with the platform. A man can fit in this hole through at full size very easily. The cape Khoboi has got one more look, and you can see it in summer from the water or in winter from the ice: the southern edge of the canine side-view looks like a female facial profile and is called The Virgin Rock. The soleness and severe beauty of the cape Khoboi was worthily rated by ancient inhabitants of Olkhon — they considered Khoboi to be a saint place and carried out spiritual practices there. There were rookeries of Baikal seals on tremendous jambs extruding from the water near the cape. Nowadays a status of natural monument is assigned to the cape, but seal is a rare guest here. In wintertime Khoboi transforms into fairy ice castle. The heavy autumn waves broken with the cape turn into isles on the rocks and make ice deposits of various shapes. Two wave-cut grottoes at the northern side of the cape transform into the halls of the ice palace. Every winter some cracks and fields of heavy torosses appear near Khoboi at the side of Big Balkal.
For lunch you’ll have fish soup with omul just on the ice of the lake. You’ll never forget the taste!

Day 4 (February 27th)
The village of Khuzhir – Oghoi island – the cave “Copilka” (“Money-box”) — Oltrek island — Zamogoi island — the village of Khuzhir (Lake Baikal)
Meeting of the Dawn near Elenka island, breakfast, free time. At 14.00 we go to the trip along the southern part of Olkhon and islands of the Small Sea. We walk through few islands looking at grottoes and caves, very picturesque with frozen ice deposits, and shoot fanciful air bubbles. Olkhon island is the halidom for the Buddhists. The Stupa of Enlightenment is erected here, that presents peace and fulfil wishes. We see the sunset off here.

Day 5 (February 28th)
The village of Khuzhur–the village of Uzury – the village of Khuzhur (Lake Baikal)
Meeting of the dawn in Khuzhur village. We shoot the tremendous ice grottoes, gigantic toroses and ice. We’ll visit the largest capes at the eastern side if the island, from where the extraordinary views of the Big and the Small Seas are seen.

Day 6 ( March 1st)
Departure from the base in Khuzhur village and transfer to Irkutsk city. Arrival in Irkutsk is about 15-00, check-in in the hotel.
Walk trip round the city. The embankment, the city districts with old wooden architecture. You’ll remember Irkutsk as a city of architraves and wood carving. The night stay in the hotel.

Day 7 ( March 2nd)
The end of the trip.

Dates of the tour: February 24th – March 2nd, 2018
Duration: 7 days
Group: up to 12 people
Price: 650 USD

The price of the tour includes:
1. Stay in the base in Khuzhir village ( double rooms) and stay in the hotel 3* in Irkutsk city. There are sanitary conveniences (toilet bowl, wash-basin, shower) in each room, two single beds, a bedside-table, a wardrobe, a frig, a TV-set, a kettle in each room. Food: breakfast, lunch, dinner;
2. Transfer Irkutsk- Khuzhir –Irkutsk;
3. Excursions according to the program;
4. Photo-guide services.

The price of the tour doesn’t include:
1. Flight ( transportation) to Irkutsk and back;
2. Food during the bus part of the tour ( The first and the last days of the tour)
3. Personal expenses (alcohol and soft drinks, phone calls and etc.);
4. Other services not foreseen in the tour program.
5. Insurance.

The stay is in tourist center in separate and very cosy house with all conveniences in the rooms.
Must-have items:
Warm wind impermeable jacket with hood
Track ankle boots
Ice traction cleats
Warm hat, ski mask
Warm tracksuit trousers
Thermal underwear
Hygiene item
Thermos for 1 liter
Sun glasses
Caring lipstick

Conditions of participation and reservation:

To take part you must:

  • confirm you participation in any suitable form;
  • sign the Agreement with LLC Tourist Agency “The Time for Discoveries”;
  • make advanced payment in sum 30% of reservation price within 7 days from the time of signing of the Agreement*;
  • pay the sum left not later than 21 days before the first day of the tour*

* The participant has the right to pay the total sum at once after signing of the Agreement. *

  • Lake Baikal


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Dates of the tour
February 24th – March 2nd, 2018
7 days
up to 12 people
650 USD
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