Рhoto tours and expeditions to Russia

Photo tours to Russia

What are photo tours?

Photo tours — are trips, which help people to discover and cognize new parts of the country based on visiting the most beautiful places and locations for getting aesthetic enjoyment and taking perfect photos.

Who for?

Our tours and photo tours are in an effort to all positive people, fond of photography and adventures, for like-minded men. It doesn’t matter, how old you are, what your occupation is or what your political opinions are. The wish to examine the planet, to wonder and investigate it’ incredible parts, to improve your photography in practice – all these points create the deciding factor, which makes you pick up and put things into your bag and join our routes. Our programs will let you see the maximum number of vista points and feel deeply the entire beauty of landscapes and spend time in awesome company.

How does it happen?

Photo tours are made in such a manner, that you will visit the most beautiful places of the route in the best season for their intuition. At first line, when making up a program we fully consider the peculiarities of the climate and the place, local traditions and transport schedule, the participants wishes. To help people to see real beauty and to take excellent shots in comfortable conditions – this is our main task. Curated photo tour is arranged carefully just according to the daily routine of the photographers, for instance, any route is studied in depth exactly in the context of “filming time”. The event is planned in such a way, that the participants can use at full measure the possibilities of the morning and the evening lighting. This is the main criteria. As a rule the photographers get up early to catch the sun at the dawn — the morning sun, and go to bed late to see the sunset. At day time the group goes along the route or has a rest after the morning photo shoot. In the evening we review the photos made, talk on different items, discuss the shooting day, make plans for the next day, and the wishes of the participants are listened to.

What for?

You will get a maximum of impressions and save time and forces without loosing the sense of freedom. You can make a trip for yourself, and it will be a bit cheaper, but only people who know the features of the place and shooting there, can show you the most exciting things without wasting time for searches of locations and places.

What will you get?

  • senses, emotions, feeling of joy with successful shots
  • interpersonal communication in the company of like-minded people
  • exchange of experience in shooting of various subject matters
  • sense of adventure and investigation
  • priceless recollections

Why just we?

The travel studio “The Time for Discoveries” — is a team of people enthusiastic with travelling and shooting, who have a great experience in tourism in Russia and far abroad. Our company is a certified tour operator in inner and incoming tourism, Number МВТ 018311 in Uniform Federal Register of Tour Operators. Our main goal is to show the world, that the most part of people don’t see. In every day hurry it’s practically impossible to see a great number of interesting and wonderful things, let alone a chance to shoot them. To show the wealth of things you’ve never thought about and to try to teach seeing — it is our main task. The base of our trips – the friendly atmosphere, creation of feeling of comfort and, in result, full satisfaction from the trip made. We appreciate with pleasure any your wishes and ideas and try to realize them if possible.