Part 1 – romantic.
To get up at dawn to see the sun rising – at first it makes the air around pink, then – golden; or to walk on thorny grass to watch the starry cope above your head, or long and hard look for the very place, from where everything looks ultimate beautiful – to catch occasional and not occasional shots, to be stock still with the idea, that you’ve come to the place, where only those obsessed with beauty, as you are, can arrive.
Part 2 – pragmatic.
In my opinion, the whole of the route is thought over perfectly! Comfortable overnight stops, rich food and forethought of arrangement. Upon my honor, I even couldn’t expect such a comfort!
Part 3 – grateful.
Great big thank-you to the organizers! To Stas for his ideas and inspiration! To Lena – for care and being organized. Guys, you are cool! We’ll go with you again for sure!

Ekaterina 11.11.2017