Hello, Stas and Lena.
The beauty of these places just owned me, became a part of me. I recollect springs among the rocks, bald mountains, waste ships and the endless sea… and the polar lights, of course! How lucky we are to see this miracle with our own eyes!
I think that life is worth living with such moments. Thank you for that, guys. I would hardly ever have gone there without you!
And now about the photos… The arrangement of the trips in the form of photo tours made me happy. After all, there are very few come-and-go people in such a journey. All the participants are romantics, who can and want to see the surrounding beauty. This is precisely why psychological contact set in very fast. Each of us shared his experience with other people, gave advice, asked questions. The notices made by Stas about the parameters of shooting in different conditions were of utmost use for us.
I think, that own to them I could squeeze the most out of my tiny Nikon D90. Also, I shout-out a private respect to Stas for masterclass in using Lightroom. It’s clear, that you can’t tell and practice all the secrets when sitting with a laptop in the hotel foyer, but the general direction for my following development as a photographer was given successfully. During the trip I’ve made about 600 shots, so I have the items for finishing for a hundred years ahead.
Also, with my thanks to you, Lena, for warm and hearty attitude to each of the charges and complete absence of any problems with the tour arrangement! I appreciate the difficulties in foreseeing of all the details. You had to rearrange the plans «on the wing» ( for example, when we couldn’t put out to the sea because of the weather conditions). You managed it successfully. Well, and I can’t but mentioning the dinner with sea food you hold. Crabs, sea combs, pelmeny with codfish…I’ve been still smacking my lips.
Now, about the offerings…it would be great to make a section on your web-site, where the participants of your photo tours could expose their works (if estimated as “worthy” by Stas). Also, later it would be possible to bother with giving an opportunity to register an account on web-site http://discoverynn.ru. The unit of like-minded people is being created around you, and they can’t be lost!

Dmitry 11.11.2017