A good trip is just like borsch – your need a lot of different ingredients to make a tasty one.
The first is “Where to”. Teriberka matches your expectations at full measure.
The second is “Who with”. A good group can make your trip twice and even thrice interesting. I think that I was lucky with the team. I felt badly about my parting with them. By the way, sometimes I “overkill” with my jokes, so if I’ve offended somebody accidentally, I am falling down at your feet.
The third is “Leaders.” Yes, a great deal depends of the arrangements made, and I can put the guys a Four and a plus. They made efforts and it was obvious. You can ask me, why not a Five. Well, firstly — there’s no limit to perfection, and secondly – there are some processes to be improved, and I think, that they will be optimized. Special thanks for crabs, sea-urchins and mussels.
The fourth — “Impressions”. It’s aftertaste from all the things seen, heard and told during the trip. The things you will recollect during the following months and maybe years. It depends on the specifics of one’s memory.
The fifth is “Garlic”. What nonsense he talks, you might think. I meant something spicy. In our case it was the return transfer. It was a mini –adventure I have already reported about.
So, here is the borsch “cooked” by all of us, and I wish you to make the same one.

Alexander 11.11.2017