On arrival in Murmansk, where the whole of our group gathered, we immediately entered the hands of these parents-like careful people. Lena – an utmost leader and organizer of all our ideas, a careful mistress, a sportswoman, a member of Komsomol and just a beautiful and wonderful girl!!! Stanislav – a master workman, a perfect photographer and a very nice man!!! And together they make a whole in arranging and carrying out of such tours.
I’ve been at home for a week already, but the Norths don’t release me easily. The recollections of the water-fall, endless tundra, coastal battery, wooden ships breaking yard and, of course the aim of our journey – the polar lights, come back to me again and again!!!
And what were the char-grilled codfish, crabs, sea combs and pelmeny with sea food, of course!!!! Hundreds or even thousands of shots were made during the trip, tens of memory GBs were used, and what’s the amount of energy boost and positive emotions!!! Guys, thanks so much for the trip, it hasn’t finished yet, it will go on, but in some other places. Though, I’m making plans about coming back and for certain with YOU!!!

Viacheslav 11.11.2017