What’s the difference between a good organizer and a gifted one? Maybe, the ability to response quickly to altered situation.
It is not frightful to go even to the world’s end with Lena! Everything was thought over in details for the route start – hotels, transport, food, excursions. Everything was in fine fashion and on high level.
But you can’t order the weather in advance!
But Lena seems to have come to the agreement with the weather too! We couldn’t see the sunset in the first evening on Elton, but we saw the pink salt!
And the way we were reaching water the next morning is a story of its own! Elton seemed even more beautiful in morning light!
Thanks to the organizers each day was a small discovery! The excursion round the nature reserve with a wonderful attendant, real Kazakh supper with an outstanding mistress, sunrises, sunsets… the list is endless…And Volgograd itself with the Mamaev Kurgan, panorama and the Soldat ( Soldier) Field. I’ve never met before such inspired tour guides.
And thanks to Stas we all have received that marvelous feeling of photo-hunter passion, when you can pass 15 km for good shots. You can go weirdly on obscure transport with only one wish –to reach the location. And you can just stop by the road and watch the beauty of red bags filled with the crops gathered on the fields. Stas can share his experience and thoughts with you for hours.
And number one: what a wonderful company we were in! In short, the vocation was a success! I hope to go on travelling with Lena and Stas!

Lela 11.11.2017