It is warm… and whether it is snow or ice under your feet and in front of the eyes, openwork pictures of grasses, flowers, fancy trees, as if made of clay. Salt lake Elton – snowy, embroidered fairy tale of summer. Pink mirage of oily brine, which cover with thin layer the salt crystals piled in corals. At sunset the outgoing flaming sun together with the ultramarine of the sky and salt glamour create pictures, that neither the artist’s brush, nor camera glass can follow… but you can, you should try. And to read with your eyes. And each person will see something own. Somebody will perceive surrealistic landscape, somebody- pastels, other ones – geometry of color fields of abstract impressionism…, the Mars, the Luna. You have just to tell to yourself – “Let’s roll!” in the company of like-minded people and wonderful tour leaders and go straight ahead for the impressions and beauty!

Svetlana 11.11.2017