Teriberka matches your expectations at full measure!

A good trip is just like borsch – your need a lot of different ingredients to make a tasty one.
The first is “Where to”. Teriberka matches your expectations at full measure.
The second is “Who with”. A good group can make your trip twice and even thrice interesting. I think that I was lucky with the team. I felt badly about my parting with them. By the way, sometimes I “overkill” with my jokes, so if I’ve offended somebody accidentally, I am falling down at your feet.
The third is “Leaders.” Yes, a great deal depends of the arrangements made, and I can put the guys a Four and a plus. They made efforts and it was obvious. You can ask me, why not a Five. Well, firstly - there’s no limit to perfection, and secondly – there are some processes to be improved, and I think, that they will be optimized. Special thanks for crabs, sea-urchins and mussels.
The fourth - “Impressions”. It’s aftertaste from all the things seen, heard and told during the trip. The things you will recollect during the following months and maybe years. It depends on the specifics of one’s memory.
The fifth is “Garlic”. What nonsense he talks, you might think. I meant something spicy. In our case it was the return transfer. It was a mini –adventure I have already reported about.
So, here is the borsch “cooked” by all of us, and I wish you to make the same one.


Thanks so much!

In February of this year me and my daughter had luck to become the participants of photo tour Murmansk – Teriberka, arranged by a travel It was a piece of luck really. Usually I don’t travel in groups and arrange all the trips by myself. The format of the photo tour was a totally new experience for me. First of all, the trip to the North impressed me greatly with the level of arrangement – everything was thought over down to the last detail, and we, the travelers, had nothing to do but only to relax and enjoy the ultimate beauty. The guys have got priceless gift to attract right people – our small team, that united travelers and photography fans from across Russia, was great. Interesting people, fabulous nature, a flood of positive emotions…It’s beyond words  -  it has to be experienced to be understood!  Many thanks! I hope so much to repeat it!


Thank you for your job!

I’d like to add some elements of team-building. I think we should have gathered more often in the evening. To have some lectures, maybe about the polar lights. It could be interesting to go to Teribersky light house on the other side of the gulf. It is somewhat far away, but if to make efforts – it will be available, and all the rest is good. It was wonderful! Thank you for your job!


Five days only, but I had such a great rest, that I hadn’t had for a long time on extended vocations…

Part 1 – romantic.
To get up at dawn to see the sun rising – at first it makes the air around pink, then – golden; or to walk on thorny grass to watch the starry cope above your head, or long and hard look for the very place, from where everything looks ultimate beautiful – to catch occasional and not occasional shots, to be stock still with the idea, that you’ve come to the place, where only those obsessed with beauty, as you are, can arrive.
Part 2 – pragmatic.
In my opinion, the whole of the route is thought over perfectly! Comfortable overnight stops, rich food and forethought of arrangement. Upon my honor, I even couldn’t expect such a comfort!
Part 3 – grateful.
Great big thank-you to the organizers! To Stas for his ideas and inspiration! To Lena – for care and being organized. Guys, you are cool! We’ll go with you again for sure!


With thanks and love!

It is warm… and whether it is snow or ice under your feet and in front of the eyes, openwork pictures of grasses, flowers, fancy trees, as if made of clay. Salt lake Elton – snowy, embroidered fairy tale of summer. Pink mirage of oily brine, which cover with thin layer the salt crystals piled in corals. At sunset the outgoing flaming sun together with the ultramarine of the sky and salt glamour create pictures, that neither the artist’s brush, nor camera glass can follow… but you can, you should try. And to read with your eyes. And each person will see something own. Somebody will perceive surrealistic landscape, somebody- pastels, other ones – geometry of color fields of abstract impressionism…, the Mars, the Luna. You have just to tell to yourself – “Let's roll!” in the company of like-minded people and wonderful tour leaders and go straight ahead for the impressions and beauty!


Vocation was a success!

What’s the difference between a good organizer and a gifted one? Maybe, the ability to response quickly to altered situation.
It is not frightful to go even to the world's end with Lena! Everything was thought over in details for the route start – hotels, transport, food, excursions. Everything was in fine fashion and on high level.
But you can’t order the weather in advance!
But Lena seems to have come to the agreement with the weather too! We couldn’t see the sunset in the first evening on Elton, but we saw the pink salt!
And the way we were reaching water the next morning is a story of its own! Elton seemed even more beautiful in morning light!
Thanks to the organizers each day was a small discovery! The excursion round the nature reserve with a wonderful attendant, real Kazakh supper with an outstanding mistress, sunrises, sunsets… the list is endless…And Volgograd itself with the Mamaev Kurgan, panorama and the Soldat ( Soldier) Field. I’ve never met before such inspired tour guides.
And thanks to Stas we all have received that marvelous feeling of photo-hunter passion, when you can pass 15 km for good shots. You can go weirdly on obscure transport with only one wish –to reach the location. And you can just stop by the road and watch the beauty of red bags filled with the crops gathered on the fields. Stas can share his experience and thoughts with you for hours.
And number one: what a wonderful company we were in! In short, the vocation was a success! I hope to go on travelling with Lena and Stas!


Excellent photo tour!

The region of salt lakes and rivers struck you with the ethereal extravagance of its landscapes at dawn, in the middle of hot day, at flaming sunset and at starry night. The days full of impressions spent on Baskunchak and Elton fix in your memory and stay here for a long time and you have a pile of unique photos. Everything is arranged wonderfully – housing, food, transport, leisure time – the tour operator has cared about everything on high level, and all you need is just to look at the beauty around, take photos and share your impressions with other people in a group of small size. That’s the real “all inclusive”.


If you fall in love with the North – so you’ll never fall out of love with it! And it’s true!

A trip for seeing the pole lights –a dream, that came into life in February, 2017. Severe region, wonderful region, extreme region. Lena and Stas – you are the best!!! The tour was great! The team was outstanding!

Alexander and Larisa

Thank you for the trip, thank you for the comfort, thank you for the ideas!

The wish to go for a next trip with Lena and Stas appeared when we were on Teriberka.
And thus, we’ve met again. Baskunchak - Elton. We’ve never even had an idea, that these places do exist.
Indescribable beauty!!!
Excellent arrangements of the route, comfortable utility, all in one made the trip unforgettable. And wonderful team – it’s 50% of success of any event. Spirit and energy, that Lena and Stas poses, is of great help for uniting of really like-minded people!! We became real friends during the trip and it was very sad to take apart. But I’m sure, that we’ll meet again for the next trips, made by our very responsible organizers!
Thank you for the trip, thank you for the comfort, thank you for the ideas!
We are going farther with you, it is set already. JOIN US!!!


Life is worth living with such moments!

Hello, Stas and Lena.
The beauty of these places just owned me, became a part of me. I recollect springs among the rocks, bald mountains, waste ships and the endless sea… and the polar lights, of course! How lucky we are to see this miracle with our own eyes!
I think that life is worth living with such moments. Thank you for that, guys. I would hardly ever have gone there without you!
And now about the photos… The arrangement of the trips in the form of photo tours made me happy. After all, there are very few come-and-go people in such a journey. All the participants are romantics, who can and want to see the surrounding beauty. This is precisely why psychological contact set in very fast. Each of us shared his experience with other people, gave advice, asked questions. The notices made by Stas about the parameters of shooting in different conditions were of utmost use for us.
I think, that own to them I could squeeze the most out of my tiny Nikon D90. Also, I shout-out a private respect to Stas for masterclass in using Lightroom. It’s clear, that you can’t tell and practice all the secrets when sitting with a laptop in the hotel foyer, but the general direction for my following development as a photographer was given successfully. During the trip I’ve made about 600 shots, so I have the items for finishing for a hundred years ahead.
Also, with my thanks to you, Lena, for warm and hearty attitude to each of the charges and complete absence of any problems with the tour arrangement! I appreciate the difficulties in foreseeing of all the details. You had to rearrange the plans «on the wing» ( for example, when we couldn’t put out to the sea because of the weather conditions). You managed it successfully. Well, and I can’t but mentioning the dinner with sea food you hold. Crabs, sea combs, pelmeny with codfish…I’ve been still smacking my lips.
Now, about the offerings...it would be great to make a section on your web-site, where the participants of your photo tours could expose their works (if estimated as “worthy” by Stas). Also, later it would be possible to bother with giving an opportunity to register an account on web-site http://discoverynn.ru. The unit of like-minded people is being created around you, and they can’t be lost!


To say that the tour program was performed at the whole 100% means to say nothing!

On arrival in Murmansk, where the whole of our group gathered, we immediately entered the hands of these parents-like careful people. Lena – an utmost leader and organizer of all our ideas, a careful mistress, a sportswoman, a member of Komsomol and just a beautiful and wonderful girl!!! Stanislav – a master workman, a perfect photographer and a very nice man!!! And together they make a whole in arranging and carrying out of such tours.
I’ve been at home for a week already, but the Norths don’t release me easily. The recollections of the water-fall, endless tundra, coastal battery, wooden ships breaking yard and, of course the aim of our journey – the polar lights, come back to me again and again!!!
And what were the char-grilled codfish, crabs, sea combs and pelmeny with sea food, of course!!!! Hundreds or even thousands of shots were made during the trip, tens of memory GBs were used, and what’s the amount of energy boost and positive emotions!!! Guys, thanks so much for the trip, it hasn’t finished yet, it will go on, but in some other places. Though, I’m making plans about coming back and for certain with YOU!!!


Every person has dreams. They are different for certain people, and due to the circumstances they come true or stay as dreams. Devotion of photography and taking part in photo tours round Russia give a great opportunity to see the beauty of our country in the team of like-minded people. The journey to Tiberdinka made by me in October wasn’t the exception. The great team, the Arctic Circus beauty and care of the organizers made that trip the inimitable one. And as a reward – the photos of the polar lights and northern landscapes. Many thanks to Stanislav and Elena! See you next time!


The North in autumn – fantastically cool!

Each location can be shot for 700 times: the sun moves a little – and all around is shining with absolutely new colors!
But let the photo pass! To see everything with your own eyes – it is just like “ to see Paris and to die”! And I don’t mention the polar lights!!!( we’ve caught and shot them too).


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