Mountain rivers and purest lakes, waterfalls, mountain passes, endless steppes, picturesque sunrises and sunsets in the mountains, all this you could marvel at during our tour to Altai! Add to all this nature, decorated in bright autumn colors — it is an absolute must-see! In this tour, you will follow the route developed by a professional photographer and guide to see the most beautiful landscapes of the Republic of Altai Mountains.
We invite you to join us in our amazing Altai tour!


Barnaul – Seminsky pass – Chike-Taman pass – Kurai – Ak-Turu Valley – Chuyskaya Steppe — Kyzyl-Chin – Akkol river valley — Ulagan Plateau – Katu-Yaryk Pass – Chulyshman Valley – Kyrsay Cape – Artybash – Barnaul

You will see

This tour to Altai is sometimes called «Small Golden Ring of Altai». We will quickly observe all the «popular» places and go to the South, where the mountain Altai begins, the Altai, where nature is still untouched by civilization, with its purest mountain air, dizzying views and crystal rivers and mountains…
• We will drive along almost the entire Chuysky Tract (on the list of Top 10 most picturesque roads in the world)
• Seminsky and Chike-Taman passes (we will take an old road)
• Sand and stone bomes
• Amazing views of the glaciers of the Northern-Chuysky Ridge
• The Ak-Turu and Akkol rivers valleys
• The confluence of the Chuya and the Katun rivers
• Geyser lake – a thermal spring of unreal turquoise color
• «Red Gates» — a narrow entrance to a canyon
• Lakes of Ulagan Plateau: Kidelyu, Uzunkel, «Dead Lake»
• Pazyryk barrows
• We will drive along the snake of the legendary and extreme Katu-Yaryk Pass (800m altitude difference) and get to the alluring valley of the Chulyshman River
• Kurkure and Korbu waterfalls
• «Stone mushrooms»
• Water excursion around Lake Teletskoye (about 90 km from Cape Kyrsay to Artybash (stone bay, Korbu Waterfall, Keshte Waterfall, etc.))
• And of course colourful autumn nature!!!

Tour to Altai

Tour Program
1 day: Barnaul — Kupchegen
Meeting of the group in Barnaul. Boarding the minibus. Exit of the Chuysky Tract. Way to the village Kupchegen. We will pass through the Seminsky Pass and the Chike-Taman pass. Lunch in a cafe. On the way, we make stops for photography in the most beautiful places. Accommodation at a recreation center /base. Dinner. Getting to know each other.

2 day: Kupchegen — Kurai
The day begins with dawn shooting near the base on the Katun river. Breakfast, departure to the Chuysky Tract. Lunch in a cafe. On the way stop for photography in the most beautiful places along the Chuysky Tract. Visit to the confluence of the Chuya and the Katun rivers and hot spring lake. Sunset shooting on a panoramic point overlooking the Northern-Chuysky and Kurai ranges, accommodation at the base. Dinner.

3 day: Kurai – Ak-Turu
Take off-road vehicles, early departure for dawn shooting of Lake Dzhangyskol, famous for its reflections of snow-white mountains in the mirror canvas of the lake; breakfast near the lake and transfer to the Ak-Turu Valley, a walk and shooting in the mountain valleys among the eternal snows and glaciers. Waterfalls and Alpine meadows on the background of the eternal glaciers Bolshoy (Big) and Malyi (Small) Ak-Turu. Sunset and night photography. The starry sky in the mountains is especially expressive! Songs to the guitar by a campfire.

4 day: Ak-Turu — Chagan-Uzun (Chuyskaya steppe)
Dawn photo shooting in the mountains. Breakfast, departure to the Chuyskaya Steppe, accommodation at the base in Mongolian yurts, lunch. Departure to the Altai Mars – Kyzyl Chin – unreally colorful mountains formed by ancient clay rocks. Sunset on a panoramic point overlooking the Southern-Chuysky and Kurai ranges. Dinner at the base.

5 day: Chagan-Uzun – Akkol – Chagan-Uzun
Dawn photo shooting on a panoramic point in the Chuyskaya Steppe overlooking the snowy mountains; return to the base; breakfast. Entering the Ak-Kol Valley, Southern-Chuysky Range. Photo stops in the most picturesque locations. Lunch in the fields. Sunset meeting on a panoramic point of the Chuyskaya Steppe overlooking the snowy mountains. Dinner at the base.

6 day: Chagan-Uzun – Katu-Yaryk
Breakfast, start driving in the direction of the Dulisminsky Valley. We pass the “Red Gate”, Lake Ulagan plateau, Lake Kidelu, Ulagan Pass, shoot along the way the magnificent scenery of the numerous lakes of the Ulagan Plateau, Pazyryk barrows, an unforgettable view from the Katu-Yaryk Pass to the valley of the Chulyshman River. We descend on foot from the pass, spend the night at the recreation center/base. Rest. Evening and night shooting, is there is desire and opportunity.

7 day: Katu-Yaryk — Lake Teletskoye
Breakfast. Crossing to the other shore of the lake, trekking to Kurkure Waterfall. The height of the waterfall is about 30 meters. It is easy to get to it, from the crossing of the Chulyshman River there is a good trail only 4 km long. People of any training and age can manage the way to the waterfall. Then we go down the valley of the Chulyshman River. The kilometer-high walls of the valley and waterfalls falling from the rocks create unique scenery for our photo sessions. Turquoise water of the river framed by rocks and golden autumn trees is unforgettable! On the way, we stop in the Akkurum area (urochishe) – a beautiful sand and limestone formations topped with hats of huge stones. Lunch, transfer to the southern shore of Lake Teletskoye, accommodation at the base. Sunset photo shooting of the lake. Dinner at the base

8 day: South shore of Lake Teletskoye — Artybash — Barnaul
Dawn photo shooting of the southern shore of Lake Teletskoye. After breakfast, we take a boat and have a trip across the lake to the village of Artybash. On the way, stop at the most interesting places: waterfalls, cordons, gorges. In Artybash we take a bus and go to Barnaul. Accommodation at a hotel in Barnaul.

9 day
Breakfast in the hotel, transfer to the airport.

PRICE 120 000 rubles per person

The price includes:
1. Services of photo-guide;
2. Guide-instructor’s services;
3. Transfer from Barnaul and back;
4. Accommodation (recreation center /bases);
5. Three meals a day according to the program;
6. Cook’s services along the route;
7. Rental of group and individual equipment (campfire equipment, first aid kit);
8. All movements along the route, including taking to the mountains.
9. Insurance;
10. Рекреационные сборы на Гейзерном озере
11. Bath (Russian banya)

The price DOES NOT include:
1. Railway and air tickets to Barnaul;
2. Extra charge for the increase of accommodation level;
3. Personal expenses (souvenirs, alcohol, extra food);

Tour to Altai

All transfers are arranged by an off-road minibus. Transportation wherever possible to the place of photo shooting.

Meals in the tour are provided on the full board scheme (three meals a day).

Overnight at recreation centers/bases on the way. Living conditions are quite ascetic (the infrastructure has not yet reached those places). Facilities of the rural type (outdoor toilets). Accommodation in 2,3,4-bed room huts or yurts. Linen and towels provided.


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